Create interactive and crowd-sourced web maps.

For data collection, public participation, community mapping, research and more.

Marking locations in a city

Get started in just a few clicks.

  1. Generate your own custom, user-friendly web-app.
  2. Edit it right in your browser to fit your project's needs.
  3. Share the link to contributors and start collecting data!
Form for submitting a contribution to the map

Why crowd-mapping?

It’s much more than data collection: is where citizens come to improve the places they care about.

🗺️ Create something for everyone

Unlike a survey, a map can serve as a valuable resource that anyone can explore.

📈 Make an impact

Maps communicate issues in a way that statistics and surveys never could.

🕺 Fun & interesting

Enable a deeper level of engagement while improving your project’s reach.


No programming or GIS expertise required. Quick to build and launch, right in your web browser. Just create & share!


Looks and works great on any device with a web browser. Without sacrifice. Always a user-friendly experience for your contributors.


Opinions, perceptions, issues, ideas, recommendations, observations. The right tools and options for any use-case

Crowd-sourced map with many contributions

Bringing citizens, researchers, and decision makers together. is a great addition to your next project, plan, issue or study!

Public Participation | Health and Safety | Land-use Planning | Transit Planning | Ecology & Environment