Privacy Policy was created to facilitate public dialogue, democratic ideals, and participation in policy, planning, research, and more. That means sensitive or valuable information might pass through our platform. For these reasons, we take data and privacy very seriously.

Summary accounts only require your email, postal code, country, and display name. The browser will ask for your location, but this data does not leave your web browser. We also use third party technology services, like servers, databases, hosting, authentication and traffic analysis. These must also comply with our privacy policy.

Any data you contribute to maps should be considered public. Avoid giving any personally identifying info (address, name + birthday, workplace, etc.)... you do so at your own risk.

We are not liable for misuse or mishandling of information that was voluntarily exchanged through our platform (e.g. via survey questions, messages, comments, etc.). If you believe someone is misusing our platform or the data they collect through it, please notify us at

More Information

Our tools and this privacy policy are under active development and are guaranteed to change. However, we still comply with GDPR, including transparency, right to deletion and data portability.

We will never sell or show your data to anyone without your express permission.

Our technology providers include:

Firebase - For user authentication, data storage, and web hosting. Firebase is GDPR compliant, and servers are based in the EU.

Algolia - We use Algolia to estimate your location based on your IP address. We do not send any personally identifying or device related information to them-- just your IP address.

Right to download, and right to be forgotten: You can request data download or data deletion from us at any time. We only store the contributions you have made to projects on the canvis platform.

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