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Mapping Rural Areas

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The pace of geographic digitization has been nothing short of astounding. Every corner of the Earth has been mapped to some degree. Unfortunately, this data is still lacking in many of the places that need it most.

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Organizations are mobilizing more finance than ever for these developing country contexts. In addition, young and innovative companies are busy developing exciting low-cost products which they believe have both a strong business case and the potential to improve lives.

To deliver these products and aid, these companies and organizations need data:

For example, take healthcare: What are rural and underserved clinics struggling with? What products and solutions do they want, and need? How do we physically locate, and deliver to them? is one easy way for your company or partners to gather this data, and do it in a way that benefits more than just themselves. This is one great advantage of crowd-mapping over more data collection and research methods. It's easy for you, and simple for even non-technical contributors.

We hope that by making it fun and easy to contribute, and by creating a shareable, easy to comprehend resource, we can hear from local experts themselves. Thanks to the flexibility of crowd-mapping, aid organizations and companies can take part too, for the collective benefit of everyone.