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With our campaign builder you can design and publish your own unique crowd-mapping web-app, no programming or web experience required. You can customize the whole user experience to fit the needs of your project, right in your web-browser.


The Campaign Builder is currently in Beta. There are a few known limitations at the moment:

  • You cannot re-arrange survey steps or layers after some data has been collected.
  • Only raw CSV export is supported (it uploads nicely to Google MyMaps). GeoJSON is coming soon!

What is a campaign?

A campaign is, simply put, a website that you (the campaign creator) can customize for your users (contributors). We call it a "web app", because it is dynamic and interactive like a mobile app, and works great on mobile phones, but doesn't require the app store. Just share the URL!

Campaigns are broken up into pages. Pages are essential for a friendly and simplified user experience-- they break up information and contributions into easy-to-digest steps, and help you avoid overwhelming the user with huge walls of text and questions.

Each page can have a unique Map View, which means, the Zoom and Center of the map, as well as the basemap (satellite versus streets).

We have templates for each page-- Mapping pages, Questionnaire pages, Conclusion and Landing pages. Make sure to read about these different page templates.

Lastly, you can add survey questions and mapping tools to a page. A mapping tool lets your user contribute something-- you choose what it is, as well as the color, visibility, and privacy.

Build, publish, launch.

That's it! By configuring these options, your campaign can be a short and simple brainstorming session, or a large-scale crowdsourcing project. And we are adding more features in the near future!

Let us worry about servers, hosting, all that technical stuff. You just use our builder, customize a campaign, and share the URL to your contributors. If you need something special, contact us!