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Map View Settings

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Every canvis campaign is broken up into "pages", and each page allows you to customize the Map View settings.

This is where you define stuff like a predefined zoom and extent, or GPS, and satellite versus vector basemaps. These settings only apply to the current page.

Just click the Map View button and you will see this pop up:

map view modal

You can choose from one of the following:

Capture Map View

Clicking this button will save the current location and zoom of the map you are looking at right now. Later, when users go to this page in your campaign, the map will automatically zoom to this precise location and zoom for them.

To change it, close the modal, move the map, and click Capture Map View. That's it!

Request Location

If this is selected, the user will be prompted to share their device location. If they decline, we will attempt to estimate based on their IP address (this isn't very accurate). If they accept, and their device has a GPS or location functionality enabled, then the map will zoom to their current location.

Estimate Location

If this is selected, the map will zoom to the coordinates that were estimated based on their IP address. This isn't very accurate, so the map won't zoom in very far.

Use Last

This will simply keep the map wherever they had it on the previous page. If you choose "use last" on the landing page, it will default to "estimate location" or just show the whole world.

Choosing a basemap

Lastly, you can choose from one of two basemaps-- MapBox OpenStreetMaps (vector tiles), or Mapbox Satellite Streets (raster tiles). We can drop in any MapBox map at your request, or engineer something special if you need it. Just reach out!